The Lipstick is an alternative computer mouse for people who cannot use a standard mouse. With the LipStick, all mouse functions can be controlled with the mouth.
Anybody who has problems with a hand-controlled mouse, may benefit from the LipStick.

The screen cursor follows the movements of the mouth. The left- and right mouse buttons are operated by lifting one of the lips.

While other mouth-operated mice use sipping and puffing to control the mouse buttons, the LipStick has capacitive sensors in the tip that monitor the position of the lips.

Because the tip is completely closed, there are no hygienic problems with saliva build-up and cleaning is easy. It is also a good solution for people who are on a respirator and have difficulties with sipping and puffing.

Unlike most other mouth-operated computer mice, the LipStick is not a joystick but a force stick. There are no moving parts and it needs only small head movements.

The LipStick is based on a unique new sensor technology that allows accurate measurement of microscopic distortions of the virtually solid aluminium housing. This makes the LipStick very sensitive and very robust at the same time.