The Lipstick is an alternative for people who cannot use a standard computer mouse. All mouse functions can be controlled with the mouth. The screen cursor follows the movements of the mouth; the buttons are operated with the lips. 


  • Very sensitive force control. Only small head movements necessary
  • Very accurate at small movements. Pixel by pixel is quite feasible.
  • Automatic acceleration for smooth and fast large movements.
  • Mouse clicks by raising and lowering lips.
  • Free choice of upper- or lower lip for left- or right mouse clicks.
  • Mouse dragging is easily possible.
  • Scrolling is easily possible.
  • Bite proof mouthpiece of high performance medical grade plastic. 
  • Robust metal case. Not sensitive to shock or vibration.
  • Completely closed construction for optimal hygiene.
  • Easily cleaned with any common detergent or disinfectant.
  • No parts that can wear or have to be replaced regularly.
  • Can be used in any position. Use while lying in bed possible.
  • Automatic sensor calibration. No reset button necessary.
  • Plug and play for Windows, Apple, Linux and Android.
  • With Windows software for individual adjustments.


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