The Lip sensor

The sensitive part is the red tip of 8 mm diameter and 15 mm long. Inside the tip is the power OK light. This sensor is meant for people who want to operate the device with their mouth, but it can also be used with the fingers.

The upper lip activates one channel, the lower lip the other.

The tip is made from a high performance medical grade plastic and is completely closed and moisture proof. It can be cleaned easily with any usual detergent or disinfectant like alcohol.

The Touch sensor

This sensor is a small box of 65 x 30 x 15 mm that can be activated with finger movements or, for instance, chin touching. Touching the left half of the box activates one channel, the right half activates the other. The power OK light is at a long side.

With the SPA software the sensitivity of the sensor can be set so high that approaching the sensor up to a few millimetres is enough to trigger the switch. It is advised to set the sensitivity not higher than necessary to avoid operating difficulties.

The touch surface can be cleaned with a water-based detergent or disinfectant or alcohol. Do not use acetone or other aggressive solvents.

The Dual Patch sensor

This very versatile sensor consists of a small box 0f 50 x 25 x 15 mm with two screw connectors for electrical wires at the bottom and the power OK light at the top.

At the end of the wires are touch pads. The two pads can be any shape or size as long as they are equal and mounted in the same way. Because the sensor measures the balance between the pads, it is important to preserve symmetry. They can be made from any electrically conductive material and should be mounted on a non-conducting surface, at least a few mm away from other metal objects.

The Gooseneck sensor

The SPA gooseneck sensor consists of a ball joint, a gooseneck tube and a Lip sensor.

At the under side, the ball joint has a 3/8 UNC thread that is often used in photo camera tripods. This gives the gooseneck sensor various mounting options. In between the ball joint and the goosneck tube there is a special coupling with the cable exit.

The gooseneck sensor can be mounted in any position by adjusting the ball joint. The final position can be tuned by bending the goosneck tube in the desired position. Make sure that one of the flat planes of the sensor is at the upper side.

The Two-Switch interface

This interface is a small box of 35 x 20 x 15 mm with two sockets for 3.5 mm plugs and the power OK light in between. It is not a sensor but a way to connect two standard switches like Buddy buttons to the Main Switch Unit. This can be useful if the SPA is used as an interface to control a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Unlike the Dual Patch Sensor, it is not necessary to maintain symmetry. Using a single switch is perfectly OK.