Table mount

The Shannon table mount is both elegant and sturdy. The intended use is to mount Shannon devices like the LipStick or various SPA sensors on a desk or e.g. wheelchair table.

The table mount consists of a table clamp, a lower arm, an upper arm and a mounting adapter of choice, dependent on the device that needs to be affixed.

The table clamp can be used with tables up to 4.5 cm thick

All joints can be adjusted with a threaded handle.
These can easily be fastened (clock wise) or loosened (anti clock wise) without using any tools.
By loosening the lower joint, the entire table mount can be rotated with respect to the table clamp. Also, the angle of the lower arm can be adjusted.

The upper and lower arms are connected by means of two special clamps. By loosening the threaded handle, the angle between the two arms can be adjusted. By sliding the clamps over the arms, the total height of the table mount can be modified.

When the table mount is arranged as required, the plastic handles can be rotated to the least prominent position by pulling them slightly outward.


To affix various devices to the table mount, the following options are available:

Adapter with ¼” photo thread.
This can be used to mount e.g. the LipStick.

Adapter 10 mm.
With this adapter some switches like the KAJO button with the KAJO pipe can be affixed directly on the table mount.

Adapter 6 mm.
This adapter is meant to affix Ø 6 mm tubes like those of various SPA sensors.