Mitch is an alternative for people who cannot use a normal computer mouse. All mouse functions can be controlled by switches. Up to 10 switches with a standard 3.5 mm mono jack plug can be connected to the front of Mitch. The back has a standard 9 pin D connector for a switch joystick or switch tablet.


Up, Down, Left and Right cursor movements, Left and Right mouse buttons and scroll Up or Down can be controlled. Both slow and fast movements are possible: click and hold for low speed, double click and hold for high speed.


Mitch is plug and play and does not need any special drivers. The factory settings will satisfy most users. However, it comes with special Windows software to change various speed settings to suit personal preferences. Also, two front switches can be programmed to function as middle mouse button, drag lock function or double click.


Mitch comes complete with USB cable and user software.