Shannon Electronics

Shannon Electronics was founded in 1989 by Jan Goezinne and Bernard Visse as a spin-off from the Delft University of Technology. In the early days we have been active mainly in The Netherlands. Today the Shannon products are sold and used in many countries all over the world by various dealers.

Shannon has built a reputation for innovative, dependable and affordable aids for people with a disability. Some products are used for operating a personal computer, others for activating alarm systems. The invention of a special sensor that can accurately measure extremely small mechanical displacements opened up new possibilities for the development of very sensitive input devices like the LipStick and the Skipper.

All development takes place in house by Shannon Electronics. Production of small series is done by selected subcontracted companies that all have their own specialties in for instance mechanical manufacturing or assembling electronic circuits. All products are individually programmed, tested and inspected by Shannon before they are shipped to the customer.

The market for highly specialised assistive devices for severely disabled people is a niche. These devices are always built in very small quantities, development cost is high and the time to market is often long. Therefore, the prices of this kind of equipment are often too high for the people who need it. Shannon has always tried to keep end user prices as low as possible.

The development of most of our devices was based on questions or suggestions from end users. If you ever feel that certain functionality would improve the usability of one of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us!  We are always willing to look into such questions.