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The settings can be changed with control bars. A mouse click in the grey area will increase the value, a click in the coloured area will decrease the value. The current value is shown by the length of the colour bar and a number in the left-hand side of the bar.


The upper control bar sets the sensitivity of the LipStick. The higher the value of the sensitivity, the faster the screen cursor will move for a given force.

The sensitivity can be adjusted from 1 to 9. The factory setting is 6.


The threshold control bar sets the minimum force that must be exerted on the tip of the LipStick before the screen cursor can start moving. With a low threshold setting, even a very small force will move the cursor. Higher values of the threshold can help users with imperfect motor control but may cause a somewhat step-like movement of the cursor.

If one wants to work very precisely, for instance with a drawing program, one can temporarily choose a combination of low sensitivity and a low threshold. (See also Profiles). The threshold can be adjusted from 1 to 6. The factory setting is 2.