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mounting and using

Mount the LipStick firmly on the computer table. The cable outlet should be on the underside of the device. Your dealer can supply a suitable mounting system wih a ¼ inch standard camera thread.

Make sure that the LipStick is mounted in such a way, that your head is in a relaxed and comfortable position when the tip is between your lips.  Also, make sure that you have a good, unobstructed view on the computer monitor.

The shaft of the Lipstick should be tilted in such a way that both lips cover about the same area of the mouthpiece.

Plug the connector into a free USB port of your computer. The LipStick is a plug and play device that will be recognized automatically. There is no need for any special drivers.

A good mounting position of the LipStick is of prime importance.
 From all factors that influence user comfort, this is the most important!

Because the LipStick calibrates itself at power up, you must not touch the tip for at least 10 seconds after switching on.