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After clicking the button test in the main screen, the upper panel changes to a grey rectangle with three vertical lines, the so-called test area. This can be used to test the click behaviour of the LipStick, when one experiences difficulties with clicking.

to test a single click:

Move the mouse cursor into the grey rectangle, lift the upper lip shortly from the tip and lower it again. After a few seconds, the test area could look like this:

From the moment that the upper lip leaves the tip, an elongating green time bar is displayed. As soon as the lip is lowered, the green bar ends. The timeline continues to the end of the test area. (The meaning of the orange bar and other lines is discussed later.)

Lifting the lower lip from the tip instead of the upper lip causes a red time bar to grow instead of a green one.

The position of the blue line indicates the reaction time setting (adjustable with the blue control bar). A mouse click is generated only when the upper lip remains lifted until the green bar has passed the blue line. When the lip is lowered before the blue line is reached, no mouse click will be generated.