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drag delay

With a normal computer mouse, dragging is done by pressing the left mouse button and keeping it pressed while moving the mouse. Because the LipStick blocks all cursor movements while a button is pressed, a different method has to be used. If one raises the upper lip longer than the so-called drag delay time, the LipStick will start dragging as soon as the lip is lowered again. To end dragging, raise and lower the lip like a normal mouse click. The drag delay can be adjusted from 1 to 12. The factory setting is 4.

With these buttons on the panel, you can choose which lip controls which mouse button. It is also possible to switch off the button functions of the LipStick. In that case, the user should have other means for clicking, for example an external switch or dwell software. This is a matter of personal preference. The current selection is indicated by the purple colour.

lip selection

By selecting this button, the upper lip controls the left mouse button and the lower lip the right button. This is the factory setting.

By selecting this button, the lower lip controls the left mouse button and the upper lip the right button.

By selecting this button, the lip sensors are switched off and clicking with the LipStick is disabled.

To protect users from shutting themselves off accidentally, switching the button function off must always be confirmed with the alternative button within an indicated time.