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reaction time

This control bar sets the minimum time a lip has to be lifted from the tip of the LipStick before a mouse click is sent to the computer. The higher the value, the longer the lip has to stay up. Typical reaction times are just a fraction of a second. The reaction time can be adjusted from 1 to 8. The factory setting is 3.

Increasing the reaction time may reduce unwanted mouse clicks.

blocking time

To generate a double-click, the lip has to be raised and lowered two times in rapid succession. If the mouse cursor moves between the two clicks, the computer will not recognize the event as a double-click, but as two single clicks. To help prevent this happening, the LipStick blocks all cursor movements for a short time after a mouse click. The value of the blocking time can be set from 1 to 8. The factory setting is 6.

Unintentional movements of the cursor are a frequent cause of problems with double-clicking. Increasing the blocking time may help.